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Why Should You Hire An AC Repair Company To Elevate Your AC Unit? | Golden Valley, AZ

Whether you’re looking to make your existing outdoor unit more efficient and safer or install a new one, the question of elevating the air conditioner is critical. You might even have seen your neighbor’s unit installed at an elevated point and asked yourself, why is their system elevated? Are there any benefits to doing so? There are many benefits to hiring an AC repair company in Golden Valley, AZ, to elevate the outdoor unit of your AC, including;

Keeping the Air Conditioning Unit Level

The primary importance of elevating the air conditioning unit using a concrete pad or brackets is recommended. Air conditioning condenser units are heavy. For instance, some window units might weigh over 200 lbs. Hence, they can sink easily into the ground under their weight. Because the copper tubing is on the side of the air conditioner, then the unit will not sink evenly. This will result in other various issues within the unit. An unlevelled air conditioner cannot operate effectively and could even stop working. Hence, you should ensure that it is checked for leveling by the AC repair company when they come for a maintenance visit. Below are the reasons to ensure that the AC is correctly oriented:


The oil in the condensing unit of your air conditioner will “escape” from the AC compressor and mix with the coolant flowing in the lines. Provided the AC unit is level, the oil flows back to the compressor and to where required. Unfortunately, the oil might separate from the coolant if the AC unit isn’t level. Whenever the oil separates from the coolant, it could pool in the lines and coils of the unit, resulting in an oil shortage in the compressor. This will cause compressor damage, reduce the system efficiency, and cause overheating. Hence, the orientation of your unit must be checked by an experienced AC repair company during every maintenance visit.


It is worth noting that oil is not the only fluid that may cause an air conditioner problem. If your unit is not leveled, the tilt could be sufficient to impact the drain pan. The water could pool in the pan rather than drain out via the drain line. Pooling water in the drain pan increases the humidity in your air conditioner, resulting in rust and mold growth. It also causes costly repairs and damage to the coils.


Because a motor powers your air conditioning unit, there will be some vibration whenever it is running. However, if your unit is on a tilted surface, that could increase the vibration. Much vibration can affect your AC unit severely, shake the refrigerant lines loose and ultimately shorten the durability of your air conditioning unit. Vibration can increase sinkage too. This is when the ground below the air conditioning unit gives way, and your AC unit starts sinking. To avoid pulling the refrigerant lines and connectors from the building due to sinking, you should have the AC repair company in Golden Valley, AZ, install the unit in a level place.

Better Air Circulation

The other reason to elevate an air conditioner is to provide better air circulation. Raising the Ac condenser above the ground allows the cool air to flow via the fins along its sides. This ensures that the condenser coils are cool and the heat channels via the upper fans. This is an extremely crucial function of your AC unit. Because the refrigerant can’t release the heat, air won’t be at the right temperatures for compression and then move onto the indoor component of your AC unit. For best airflow, you should ensure that the AC repair company installs the air conditioning unit on the side of your office or home with the most robust airflow.

It Makes Lawn Maintenance Easier

When the air conditioner is elevated, that makes regular lawn maintenance much easier. When the condenser is over the ground, mowing and edging your lawn is more challenging, particularly with weed trimmers and other lawn equipment. Remember, the refrigerant lines and condenser fins are highly vulnerable to damage. Hence, the elevating should be done by an experienced AC repair company.

Protection from Flooding

The outdoor component of your air conditioning system can withstand different weather conditions, like water. Unfortunately, if the unit stands in water for a long time, that could harm your AC unit. For instance, it may clog up the AC drainage holes, allowing the water to stand within the cabinet. If the interior components of the AC remain in the water for long, they might start corroding. Hence, you should have the outdoor unit installed in an elevated position by a professional AC repair company.

Keeps the Air Conditioner Away from Critters

The damage caused by animals, particularly animal urine, may corrode the exteriors of your condensing unit. Even the condenser coils could suffer the effects of these animal wastes. Further, the rodents and critters might crawl under the air conditioner, holing up in the small holes under the unit in the winter months. Some of them might crawl up into the condenser and even build nests. Unfortunately, they might chew the wires eventually, leaving behind expensive damage. Fortunately, this is an issue you can avoid by having an AC repair company in Golden Valley, AZ, elevate your air conditioning unit.

How to Elevate the AC Unit

The AC part of your air conditioning system normally rests on a concrete slab. However, platforms installed on the ground level could better protect your air conditioner from debris, dust, and dirt. Using bracket mounts is one of the easiest methods any reliable AC repair company uses to elevate the air conditioner.

Would you like to learn how to avoid improper air conditioner installation? Do you want your unit elevated higher for either of the reasons above? Contact us at Pitzer’s One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Mohave County for quality service and more information.

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