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Your Air Conditioner’s Efficiency As Explained By A Reputable AC Repair Company | Bullhead City, AZ

In the hot summers, you need to stay in a cool space for maximum comfort, and doing this in a more efficient style is worth it. Your air conditioner’s performance directly affects your monthly energy bill. High cooling efficiency means less energy consumption by the AC, which translates to cost savings on your part.

Going for more efficient air conditioners can help cut down your energy costs. However, even with high-efficiency air conditioning units, numerous factors can cause the AC not to function at its full potential.

This article discusses several things that could impact your air conditioner’s performance and how an AC repair company near Bullhead City, AZ can help boost your unit’s efficiency this summer.

Thermostat Settings

The temperature point on your thermostat determines your air conditioner’s ability to cool your indoors efficiently. The idea here is to maintain a smaller temperature difference inside and outside your home.

Setting your thermostat too low and for a long time will cause your air conditioning device to work hard to keep up with the desired indoor temperature. Consequently, this will result in increased energy consumption, which in turn raises your cooling costs. Also, since pressure is put on AC to work more, its overall performance is reduced.

Energy Star recommends keeping the thermostat temperatures at 78 degrees while at home for optimal comfort and potency. Moreover, it suggests turning the temperature to 82 degrees when sleeping or 85 while you’re away from home.

Overall, since everyone’s cooling needs differ, you need to set the thermostat as high as you find comfortable for you and your loved ones. This will reduce the frequent calls you’ve to make to your AC repair company when summer sets in.

SEER Rating

Seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) is an index that measures your AC’s power input to cooling performance. The new standard SEER residential air conditioning system is 14, effective January 1, 2023. Nonetheless, there are still air conditioning systems manufactured with values higher than 13, which offer superior performance with every rise in rating.

AC models manufactured before the current mandates will likely have a lower SEER rating. Typically, air conditioners built in 2008 and afterward were required to have a minimum SEER value of 13.

If you’re considering replacing your old unit, selecting the most energy-efficient air conditioning equipment would be best. That will ensure you save a few coins on your electric bill over your unit’s lifespan. Your AC repair company can offer tips on how to get the best AC model that offers maximum comfort at reduced costs.

Unit Size

The size of your AC system significantly impacts its ability to cool the home. Oversized air conditioners will cool the home pretty fast, but smaller ones will strain to meet your temperature requirements.

On the other hand, overly large air conditioning units tend to go through constant on-off cycles, causing a waste of valuable energy in the process. A professional AC repair company should conduct HVAC load calculations to determine the size of an air conditioner suitable for you.

Poor Airflow

If your air conditioner isn’t receiving enough air, it won’t perform as expected. Various things can restrict airflow and reduce your unit’s cooling ability. For instance, clogged air filters and blocked condenser units.

The surroundings of your condenser unit should be clear of any obstructions. Also, it would help if you considered cleaning the condenser coils at least once every summertime or hiring a licensed AC repair company near Bullhead City, AZ to help you out. Additionally, make it a point upon yourself to change the air filters more often to prevent airflow difficulties.

Poor Insulation

Poor insulation can also affect your air conditioner’s efficiency. It allows heat exchanges between the interior portions of your home and outside air, increasing the temperature indoors.

This, in turn, taxes the unit to work more to attain the desired cooling level, and in doing so, a substantial amount of energy is used.

Air Leaks

Cracks or openings around your doors and windows, as well as in your ductwork, can cause conditioned air inside the home to leak out and warm air outside the house to seep in, making it difficult for your AC system to cool the house.

Poorly sealed ducts and pipes can also increase dirt buildup on the unit. A certified AC repair company can help detect any leaks in your ductwork and have them professionally sealed.

Lack of or Insufficient AC Maintenance

Proper and regular maintenance is imperative to ensure your air conditioner works at peak performance year-to-year.

During your annual AC tune-up, your hired AC repair company in Bullhead City, AZ will inspect the whole system and fix any issues immediately, improving the system’s efficiency.

If you’re skipping your routine AC maintenance, you risk constant repairs, and in the long run, much bigger problems may follow, forcing you to replace the equipment altogether.

Duct Conditions

The air ducts distribute conditioned air throughout your home. Thus, if your vents are blocked, dirty, or in poor working condition, your AC won’t distribute air effectively and will lose its cooling efficiency.

Besides keeping up with regular air conditioning maintenance, having a reliable AC repair company come in and check your ducts’ condition is a good idea. Cleaning your air ducts enhances your unit’s cooling efficiency for temperature control and improved circulation.

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