Dustin Hufsey,
Proudly Serving the Mohave County Area.
Proudly Serving the Mohave County Area.
Dustin Hufsey,

Heating Services

Ever thought about what truly stands between you and the biting cold of Mohave County winters? Could it be world-class heating services?

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of returning to a warm, welcoming home after a day out in the cold. 

And let’s face it, winter in Mohave County, AZ isn’t just about festive sweaters and hot cocoa. 

When that frosty gust of wind whistles past you, it’s your heating system that becomes the unsung hero. 

At Pitzer’s One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Mohave County, AZ, we not only comprehend the pivotal role your heater plays, but we’re also personally vested in ensuring that it’s up and running, all winter long. 

After all, isn’t life too short to be spent shivering in one’s own home? 

With us by your side, you’ll never have to. 

From chilling nights to frosty mornings, we’re on a mission to keep Mohave County warm and snug.

Keep your home cozy all winter long. Call 928-224-4077 for comprehensive heating services.

Why Trust Pitzer's? | Heating Service
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Why Trust Pitzer’s?

With over three decades of experience under our belts, we’re not just any HVAC company. We are Pitzer’s, and we treat your comfort like our own. 

Imagine having a trusted old friend, who, no matter what, will always show up when you need them. 

That’s us. 

Our expertise isn’t just about fixing things; it’s about building long-lasting relationships. 

Because at the end of the day, isn’t it peace of mind that you’re really after?

Keep your home cozy all winter long. Call 928-224-4077 for comprehensive heating services.

Key Indicators Your Heating System Needs Attention

Ah, the quirks of an aging heating system! 

One day it’s humming a lullaby, and the next, it’s throwing a rock concert. 

But here’s the kicker – these aren’t just cute idiosyncrasies. 

These could be your heater’s version of a smoke signal, a plea for some TLC. 

If your heating system was a human, it’d probably be sitting you down for a chat about its feelings right now. 

Is it groaning at night? Maybe it’s just lonely. 

Is it shutting off on a whim? Perhaps it’s tired. 

Your heater might not be able to talk, but it surely communicates. 

And it’s high time we started listening, don’t you think? 

Don’t let your heater’s cries fall on deaf ears. It deserves care, attention, and occasionally, a thorough check-up. 

After all, a little love goes a long way, right?

Keep your home cozy all winter long. Call 928-224-4077 for comprehensive heating services.

Experience Uninterrupted Warmth

You know that feeling when you’re wrapped in a warm embrace, and you never want to let go? 

That’s the kind of warmth we’re talking about here. 

Picture this: It’s a cold, blustery day outside. 

The kind of day when even the trees seem to shiver. 

Yet, inside your home, it’s a different world altogether—a world of unbroken warmth. But, what if suddenly your heater decides to play hard to get? 

Enter our seasoned technicians, who are nothing short of heating magicians. 

They’ve battled and bested every heating dragon out there, from mischievous water trickles to marathon-running heaters.

 With them on your side, those winter chills won’t stand a snowball’s chance!

Keep your home cozy all winter long. Call 928-224-4077 for comprehensive heating services.

Value-Driven Maintenance Service | Heating Service
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Value-Driven Maintenance Service

Think of your heating system as that loyal friend who’s always got your back. 

Now, wouldn’t you want to treat this friend to a relaxing day out every once in a while? 

Our heating services are just that – a pampering session for your heater. 

With meticulous care, we’ll fine-tune each component, ensuring that it purrs contentedly, all winter long. 

We look beyond just fixing; we aim to rejuvenate. 

Our holistic approach means your heater not only gets a lease of life but also performs like it’s fresh out of the box. 

Remember, a happy heater means a warm and cozy winter for you.

Keep your home cozy all winter long. Call 928-224-4077 for comprehensive heating services.

When to Think About a Replacement?

From our favorite pair of socks to that old couch that’s seen better days, everything has an expiry date. And so does your trusty heating system. 

As time rolls on, it might start acting like a moody teenager, demanding more money and giving less warmth. 

The mounting repair bills can burn a hole in your pocket, but when’s the right time to say goodbye? 

While parting can be such sweet sorrow, it can also pave the way for something even better. 

With our expertise, we’ll walk you through the replacement maze, helping you choose a system that’s perfect for you. 

Because sometimes, letting go of the old can be the warmest decision you make.

Keep your home cozy all winter long. Call 928-224-4077 for comprehensive heating services.

Heating Installations: A Local Touch

Mohave County, AZ, is more to us than just a pin on the map; it’s where our heart resides. 

It’s the morning sun that paints the landscape, the evening wind that rustles the trees, and the familiar faces of our community. 

So, when we talk about offering tailored heating installations, we don’t just mean adjusting a few dials. 

We mean a service that understands the unique quirks and characteristics of our dear Mohave County. 

We blend technical expertise with a local’s intuition. 

Why? Because when you’re serving at home, there are no cutting corners.

Keep your home cozy all winter long. Call 928-224-4077 for comprehensive heating services.

Emergency Repairs and Regular Check-ups

Ever hear a strange clank in the middle of the night and think, “Is that just the house settling, or is my heater plotting a revolt?” 

Or perhaps you’ve grimaced at the spike in your energy bills. 

Such things aren’t mere coincidences. 

Your heating system might be waving a little white flag, signaling it’s in distress. 

And that’s when you should reach for the phone and dial us. 

Day or night, rain or the blinding sun, we’re like the superheroes of heating, ready to swoop in!

Keep your home cozy all winter long. Call 928-224-4077 for comprehensive heating services.

Tune-Ups: The Preventative Measure

We all cherish those days when we sit back, relax, and indulge ourselves, right? 

Your heater is no different. Imagine tune-ups as rejuvenating juice cleanses for your heating system. 

A periodic boost that flushes out the gunk, revitalizes the parts and ensures everything’s humming harmoniously. 

By keeping things ship-shape, you’re also warding off potential mega meltdowns in the future. After all, a stitch in time saves nine – and that’s especially true for our metal buddies!

Is your heating system acting up? Visit our page for expert heating repair services.

Finding Your Perfect Heating Contractor

Whether it’s a gentle drizzle that patters on your window or a heavy snowfall that blankets Mohave County, one thing remains unshaken – our commitment to you. 

It’s not just about fixing heaters or replacing parts; it’s about being that reliable friend who’s got your back. 

A guardian of warmth. 

Someone who stands guard, ensuring that the elements stay out, and the coziness stays in. 

When you think heating, think of us, because keeping Mohave County toasty is not just our job; it’s a promise we’ve made to our community.

Extend the life of your heating system with regular maintenance. Visit our page for top-notch heating maintenance.

The Pitzer’s Promise

At Pitzer’s, we’re not just about AC and heating services; we’re about building lasting relationships, one heating solution at a time. 

For our cherished Mohave County, AZ kin, it’s always personal. 

Facing an unexpected chiller thrill from your heater? 

Or maybe just looking to shoot the breeze about the latest heating tech? Well, don’t break a sweat! 

Our professional customer service team isn’t just on standby – they’re eager, waiting with bated breath, ready to dive deep into your concerns. 

Remember, with Pitzer’s by your side, you’re never wandering the heating wilderness alone.

Upgrade your indoor comfort. Visit our page for information about professional heating installations.

Savings & Offers

Alright, let’s spill the beans – who can resist the allure of a sweet deal? 

Especially when the chill is on its way! At Pitzer’s, we roll out the red carpet with tempting discounts, flexible financing options, and rock-solid warranties. The cherry on this frosty cake? 

You receive premier heating services that make your wallet do a happy dance. 

Imagine savoring the finest in heating luxury, all while keeping your piggy bank plump and jolly. 

Now, that’s what we call a win-win!

Keep your home cozy all winter long. Call 928-224-4077 for comprehensive heating services.

Hearing Directly from the Pitzer's Family | Heating Service
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Hearing Directly from the Pitzer’s Family

Our dedication to not just serving but also educating our customers has always been at the heart of Pitzer’s One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating. 

But don’t just take our word for it. 

Let’s turn the mic over to some of our valued patrons who’ve been kind enough to share their experiences with our team. 

These voices paint a picture of dedication, professionalism, and the genuine care we aim to provide every day.

Olimpia Ames ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Beau from One Hour showed up on the dot! He was kind and professional. He helped me understand what was wrong with our AC system and gave great advice. I’m going to advocate for my home warranty to cover their work because I would really like to have them back.”

Ronald Cockrell ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Mario was very professional and excellent at the repair! He was so nice to chat with and certainly courteous! We would definitely call them again in the future. Service: A/C system repair”

Jed Stone ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “The dispatcher Bethany went above and beyond for us. Thank you so much! The tech Beau was fantastic! He was very professional, excellent communication, and he fixed the issue within an hour. Highly recommend! 10/10 Service: HVAC system repair”

In conclusion, we cherish these stories and are inspired by them daily. 

A big “thank you” to all our customers who trust us with their heating needs. 

At Pitzer’s, our promise isn’t just to provide service, but to enlighten, empower, and ensure that you and your loved ones remain warm, season after season.

Check out our reviews here

Keep your home cozy all winter long. Call 928-224-4077 for comprehensive heating services.


Cold toes? Drafty rooms? Say no more! 

Just dial our number and let us whisk you away to a world where warmth reigns supreme. 

Think of us as your personal heating hotline – there when you need us, ensuring you’re wrapped in comfort.

So, why brace the cold when a world of snug awaits? 

Go ahead, punch in those numbers, and CALL NOW for a first-class heating services.

Keep your home cozy all winter long. Call 928-224-4077 for comprehensive heating services.


  1. How often should I schedule a maintenance check for my heating system? 

Regular maintenance, ideally annually, ensures your system runs efficiently throughout the year.

  1. What are the signs my heating system needs a replacement? 

An aging system, frequent breakdowns, and rising energy bills can indicate it’s time for a new system.

  1. Is it expensive to replace my heating system?

Cost varies, but investing in a new system often leads to savings in energy bills and repair costs in the long run.

  1. Do you offer emergency repair services?

Absolutely! We understand the urgency of a malfunctioning heating system and are always ready to assist.

  1. Why should I choose Pitzer’s over other local service providers? 

Our three-decade experience, tailored local heating services, and commitment to customer satisfaction set us apart.

Keep your home cozy all winter long. Call 928-224-4077 for comprehensive heating services.


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