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Why Is Your Thermostat Indicating Recovery Mode? | AC Repair

It is a common misconception that when a thermostat is in recovery mode, the heating and cooling functionalities of the AC unit are not working correctly. However, the recovery mode is not an abnormality but functionality in modern programmable thermostats. This notification saves your system’s electricity bills and related AC repair costs. In this article, you will dive into what recovery mode is, its purpose, and its working mechanism.

What Is A Thermostat’s Recovery Mode?

Since recovery mode is a phenomenon that only occurs in programmed thermostats, you should note that most old thermostats do not have this feature. It happens only when you schedule the thermostat to switch on or off at specific times of the day. Modern thermostats will go into recovery mode about an hour or so before your scheduled time. Recovery mode means that the furnace or the AC unit has switched on, and lowering or raising the temperature has commenced. 

Your room or house is adjusted to the scheduled temperature, and the furnace or the AC unit is signaled to turn on and slowly warm up the space. If you do not like the feature, you can comfortably disable it in the thermostat settings. However, an AC repair technician recommends that before you panic and turn off the feature, you should learn other benefits or reasons why the thermostat goes into recovery mode, including;

Optimizing Your AC System

Understanding what recovery mode does and how it works makes it easy to understand that these will become frequent when the system’s temperature is in a zoned state of optimization. Therefore, the message informs you that the system optimization process is taking place and reassures you that the system is running smoothly. In most cases, the system will not announce to you that it is performing some underlying activities behind the scenes, as this is not ideal and will likely cause panic.

The thermostat optimizes the system often, but the most common time is when you get a new thermostat or turn it on for the first time in a while. It is like the thermostat’s way of figuring out the conditions it is running, the type of load, and the surrounding environment, which can be essential for your home to save time and money. In many systems, efficient functionality requires you to adjust automatically or manually. In this regard, system optimization ensures that your system runs smoothly and utilization is optimal when the thermostat goes into recovery mode.

The Temperature Scheduled in Your Thermostat

Another very common reason your thermostat will show the recovery mode indicator is while it is following your temperature schedule. It learns the time your AC system takes to attain the room’s set temperature and gets into recovery mode before or after every day as per the contrast between the set and current temperature. A professional AC repair technician will wait until the scheduled time to ascertain if that is the cause of the recovery mode indicator.

To Provide Efficiency

One of the most critical functions of modern appliances and electrical technology is to provide optimal energy efficiency and ideal operating conditions. You would not call it a better technology if it does not cut the cost of your electric bills, is easier to repair, and is also efficient in space. Efficiency is another reason a thermostat will deviate into recovery mode and stay there for extended periods, indicating a pending or ongoing system correction.

Because of extreme temperature differences between the interior and the exterior of your home, the AC unit or the furnace trying to adjust the temperature will make the thermostat retreat into recovery mode, and this can stay on for a longer time, especially in adverse weather conditions. When the feature stays on often or most of the time, it indicates that your system works out thermal shocks as you desire, ensuring the cooling system is efficient.

To Detect If Your Home Or Office Is Occupied

Since some thermostats adjust the temperature in your house depending on the number of occupants, you should not worry when your thermostat jumps into recovery mode after several people get in or leave the room. When there is no occupant, the thermostat will also go into recovery mode, ensuring no energy is wasted turning on the AC unit or the furnace.

To Program New Smart Learning Capabilities

Modern technology is designed to reduce work by reducing human interaction with appliances. Your smart appliances are programmed to understand part of your intentions and carry out a task as required upon pressing a button or even full automation. Smart learning capabilities of a thermostat are inherently one of the most functional new features in the technology.

A thermostat with these capabilities will enter recovery mode as it corrects the temperature following the regular habits of the user. It acts like a self-programming unit capable of adjusting its control and functions based on what it learns about your heating or cooling tendencies. In this case, recovery mode in the thermostat explains that the smart thermostat is helping you perform some programming.

Depending on how you set your heating or cooling conditions in the thermostat and your regular use, the system will learn and adequately adjust, helping convert your office or home into a more energy-efficient one, cut costs, and save money on electricity bills. Smart features offer more advantages to the user, like efficiency and the environment, by reducing the carbon footprint through energy saving. Therefore, as AC repair technicians frequently state, the recovery mode indicator on the thermostat is not something to worry about.

Recovery Mode is not a Warning or Error Indicator!

Thermostat recovery mode does not indicate an error or that your heating and cooling system is malfunctioning. Conversely, it has its benefits, as seen from the preceding. Do you need HVAC inspection and maintenance services? Contact us at Pitzer’s One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Mohave County today.

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Washable vs. Disposable Air Filters—Understanding the Factors Which Differentiate Them from Your Reliable AC Repair Company

Washable vs. Disposable Air Filters—Understanding the Factors Which Differentiate Them from Your Reliable AC Repair Company

Air conditioning filters might appear relatively simple. However, they do the most critical job in your AC, filtering out the contaminants in the air before it enters your home. By doing this, the filters ensure you breathe clean air and protect the air conditioning unit from dirt and dust that could otherwise cause other problems. By inhaling clean air, you are protected from issues like allergic reactions and respiratory complications that could impact your health and cause other discomforts. However, many types of air filters are based on use and make. So, how do you choose the right one? There has been a debate on which filter, disposable and washable, is the best. If you are on the fence about this issue, contacting a reputable AC repair company would help. However, the evaluation to arrive at the best will be based on the following aspects;

Contaminant Removal

Are you looking to save some cash? Then you could benefit from using washable filters. Unfortunately, they aren’t as effective at filtering out larger particles from the air. Washable filters have a MERV rating of about 4 and cannot filter smoke or pet dander from the air. Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) is a metric designed for measuring the different kinds of air filters’ effectiveness on a scale of 1-20. Air filters with a higher MERV rating can remove even the smallest airborne contaminants.

Conversely, air filters with a lower rating only filter out larger particles. If any family member is allergic, you should consider other filters. On the other hand, disposable filters have a MERV rating of up to 12. Hence, they can filter out even the smaller airborne contaminants from the air. It means you can enjoy high-quality indoor air. However, they need a replacement after every 1-3 months or less if you have pets or toddlers.

Filter Maintenance and Lifespan

Featuring a metallic frame designed for holding the woven electrostatic fibers, washable air filters are a convenient option. They only require cleaning several times a year. These fibers trap dirt and dust, removing it from the air at your house. However, cleaning washable filters isn’t as easy as it might sound. Since they have many layers of electrostatic fibers, removing the dust and dirt from every layer might take a long. Thus, maintenance is critical when considering the differences between disposable and washable filters.

Disposable filters are of two types; pleated and fiberglass filters. Because fiberglass filters are designed with a service life of 30 days, they need lots of maintenance. Any fiberglass filters that have been in use for over 30 days should be disposed of. However, they are affordable. Pleated filters have higher durability and reliability. They can serve you for 90 days. Hence, if you forget to replace a filter, consult your AC repair company on the best-pleated air filters you can use with your AC.

Environmental Considerations

One thing is immediately notable; the washable filters have a less environmental impact. Since they last long, they will help you save money. Although disposable filters might be cheap, they must be replaced every 1-3 months. However, the disposal and production of disposable filters are harmful to the environment.

Average Costs

Before investing in a type of filter, you should ensure that its average cost aligns with your budget. Otherwise, you might purchase quality filters and then forgo other essential needs. As mentioned above, washable filters are costlier compared to disposable ones. Whether you purchase disposable filters in bulk, buy from online sources, or even take full advantage of seasonal sales, these filters are highly affordable. Their only catch is that your reliable AC repair company recommends you replace them regularly, preferably after every 30 days.

The average cost of a cleanable filter is much higher than that of disposable ones. While their upfront costs might appear prohibitive, you should note that their longer-term costs will likely even out. You don’t have to buy washable filters as often as disposable ones. Hence, you might be astonished to realize that over the long term, washable filter costs could be lower than that of disposable filters.

Efficiency Ratings

As explained above, the effectiveness of all air filters (washable or disposable) is measured on a metric called MERV that ranges between 1-20. A filter with a MERV of 20 is far better than one with a rating of 1. Unfortunately, washable filters fall very low on this scale and are rated 1-4. Hence, they aren’t as effective in capturing those microscopic particles which reduce indoor air quality, such as pet dander and pollen.

The disposable filters normally have a higher MERV rating. They typically range between 4-12. Thus, you can easily find a high-efficiency disposable filter that can remove microscopic particles such as emissions, bacteria, dust, and pet dander from the air. If you want efficiency, you should consider installing a disposable filter.

Performance And Reliability

Although washable and disposable filters can reliably protect your cooling and heating system, disposable ones are known for their higher overall performance. On the other hand, washable filters have a generally low arrestance, typically capturing below three-quarters of the large indoor pollutants such as carpet fibers, pollen particles, and dust mites. The disposable having a MERV rating of 9-12 have a higher arrestance. They can capture around 95% of the above-mentioned larger particles. This will ensure that your home’s indoor air quality is high while at the same time ensuring that your AC is efficiently functioning. This means you won’t have to call an AC repair company now and then for repairs and cleaning.

Choose the AC Filter That Suits Your Needs

There are many distinguishing factors to the two main classes of filters. Are you undecided on which filter best suits you, or are you looking to learn more about these filters? Contact us at Pitzer’s One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Mohave County for more information. 

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Top 7 Benefits of Regular Air Conditioning Service

Top 7 Benefits of Regular Air Conditioning Service

A few decades back, an AC unit was considered a luxury item left for the wealthy. Fast-forward to the 21st century, and we have several households with air conditioning units across the United States. These units are no longer luxury items but a good way to boost your home’s comfort.

Your AC is an invaluable asset during winter and summer when the temperatures are most extreme. Aside from elevating comfort, an AC removes excess moisture to improve indoor air quality.

Benefits of Serving Your AC Unit

Due to its vital role, your unit requires regular air conditioning service to ensure its operating optimally. Below are the benefits of regularly servicing your AC unit. 

Promote Efficiency

The primary function of a service is to boost your machine’s efficiency. During a scheduled service, the air conditioning service expert inspects your unit for any hidden issues. Something small as a dirty filter can affect the performance of your air conditioner. By troubleshooting the defects, you can repair your unit before it manifests into expensive repairs. 

Servicing also means conducting preventive maintenance, which includes cleaning the ductwork or replacing worn-out components, including coils, evaporators, and fins. Repairing and repacking the damaged sections helps ring your unit up-to-date and increase efficiency.


Increase Your Units Lifespan

An AC unit is designed to serve you for at least 15 years before having to pay for major repairs or replacing components. However, the only way to achieve this is through regular inspection, maintenance, and servicing. Experts at Pitzer’s One-Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Mohave County recommend servicing your unit at least twice a year. Giving your unit the attention it deserves lowers the risk of premature wear and tear, especially with heavy use. 

Dealing with small issues, such as replacing an evaporator or redoing your ductwork, helps prevent future problems. Have a professional AC repair technician inspect your unit for any faults. These timely repairs will help prolong the life of your unit as you find alternatives.


Prevent Recurring Repairs

Your AC is susceptible to wear and tear, especially after peak use in winter and summer. During these periods, you need to inspect your system for damages. Parts such as the heat pumps, condenser, and fan are the most vulnerable and will likely cost you a lot in repairs. However, servicing your unit twice a year exposes potential issues with your system, giving you time to address them efficiently. Through this, you can avoid costly recurrent repairs. 

During the technician’s visit, they identify faulty parts and discrepancies in your unit and advise on the best long-term solution. Keep in mind that a scheduled visit by an expert is relatively cheaper than an emergency service. 

Increase Indoor Air Quality

An AC does more than regulate indoor temperatures; it also purifies the air. Every air conditioning unit has a filtration system to eliminate contaminants and allergens, such as dust and pollen, from entering your home. Over time, these filters get clogged, interfering with the unit’s ability to clean your air. Instead of purifying indoor air, the unit may end up doing the opposite. 

Having a technician inspect and work on your unit exposes such issues, allowing you to replace or clean the filters depending on the type used. Regular servicing comes with preventive maintenance, which ensures your filters and air duct are clean to reduce the chances of contaminants entering your home. 

Reduce Humidity

Regular maintenance on your AC unit also helps regulate indoor humidity. To cool your home, the AC draws excess moisture into the atmosphere before turning it into vapor. The water is then condensed, with the excess expelled through the drains. Increased humidity in the home creates a suitable environment for mold and mildew, which pose a health risk to your household. 

High moisture levels also cause a musty smell that is uncomfortable and unpleasant. Aside from causing discomfort, too much humidity causes sweaty and sticky walls, which can cause water damage to your drywall. 

A reliable AC service expert is able to check your humidity levels in relation to the status of the AC unit. Different units handle the humidity in multiple ways, something you need to consider during installation. However, during service, the expert is able to make appropriate adjustments to make it more efficient against humidity. 

Access to Add-on System Upgrades

Technology is fast evolving, with units made a decade ago lacking the efficiency and convenience of some of the latest models. Smart thermostats integrated with your home’s system and can be accessed remotely are fast becoming the go-to option for homeowners. 

Depending on your budget, your air conditioning service expert can suggest add-on upgrades to your system to make your unit effective and efficient. The best part is that the professional is trained and experienced in handling multiple units. This means they are able to create a way for two machines to work together to help you get the most from your system. 

Other upgrades include a robust filtration system to boost air quality or more air ducts to more rooms. Working with experts at Pitzer’s One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Mohave County will guarantee professional service to get your unit up to the best standards.

Reduce AC Noises

After a few years, your AC will likely develop mechanical issues that may present as strange noises. When operating at its peak, your AC produces minimal to no noise complementing the comfort you get from regulated temperatures. Having your unit services will repair the issues causing the noise, allowing you to enjoy peace and quiet.  

Service Your AC with Pitzer’s One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Mohave County

An AC is one of the best ways to elevate your home’s comfort. It also comes in handy when dealing with the hot summer climate of the freezing winter. However, the unit can only function optimally when maintained. Have a professional service your AC unit to enjoy maximum comfort and prolong the life of your unit. 

Contact us at Pitzer’s One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Mohave County for more on our services, including air conditioning service, installation, and repair. 

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Where Can A Professional From Your Reputable AC Repair Company Install A Ductless Mini-Split AC

Where Can A Professional From Your Reputable AC Repair Company Install A Ductless Mini-Split AC

Understanding the right places to install your ductless mini-splits can assist in making an informed decision when installing a new system. Ductless mini-splits are getting more popular options for heating and cooling your home. They are cost-effective, offer a better alternative to traditional AC units, and professionals from your reliable AC repair company consider them highly efficient. However, the big question is where to install these systems to maximize their advantages. Have you read about the benefits of ductless mini-splits and wondered where they could be installed? In this article, you will learn how mini-splits will benefit your cooling and heating needs at home and provide insight into the best places to install these systems.

What is a Mini-split System?

 A mini-split system is an HVAC system that allows temperature control to individual rooms in your home separately. In most cases, AC installation professionals refer to them as ductless air conditioners since they do not have ductwork.

How Does a Mini-split Work?

A mini-split system has two primary components, the indoor unit, which comprises components such as the evaporator, and the outdoor unit, which has the condenser/ compressor. Licensed professionals mount air handlers inside the ceiling or wall of the house you are heating or cooling and connect to the air handlers on the outside through a small conduit containing a power cable, condensate drain, and refrigerant lines.

When you switch on your AC unit, the outdoor unit compresses the refrigerant through the conduit and circulates the air to the indoor unit. It is now the indoor unit’s function to push air over the evaporator coil that will take in the heat from the air to the refrigerant. The refrigerant then carries the heat back to the air handlers on the outside, where it is released and cooled and repeats the process. In ductless mini-splits, an indoor air handler provides the heating or cooling you need in the specific room you install it in, and as such, you do not require ductwork to distribute the air in the spaces of your home. 

Where Can Mini-Split be Installed?

Inefficient Rooms

Rooms are inefficient because the whole house system needs to be heating or cooling well, making it hard to reach other rooms. In addition, there are rooms you might only want to have air conditioning if occupied, and trying to keep the central AC heating or cooling the whole house could be more efficient. If this describes one of your rooms, an expert advises you to get an AC repair company to install ductless mini-splits in your home to increase efficiency and reduce energy wasted.

It also increases your AC unit’s operational lifespan by ensuring it works less to satisfy the temperature in other rooms that are hard to reach. At the same time, mini-splits will be cost-effective for your heating and cooling needs if you have an older home where ductwork does not exist. Due to minimal installation, these require less work and money to provide efficient heating and cooling options; therefore, you do not need extensive renovations.

The Garage Workshop

You can control the garage workshop’s temperature only when needed rather than straining your AC unit to run continuously. The mini-splits will also ensure you don’t add unnecessary ductwork to your garage, thereby maintaining the vast space you require. The other advantage of these systems is silence. The garage is one area where work will occur regularly. To avoid the risk of injury, ensuring no additional noise is coming through is advisable for easy coordination.

Finished Basement

It is easy to downplay the ventilation in your basement, and unfortunately, you may not notice until you do some meaningful inspection. Moisture is one of the most problematic conditions if your basement is not well-ventilated, making the room cold and even worse in the cold season. Installing a mini-split unit will help increase and regulate the temperature if you have a finished basement, which allows you to reduce the moisture/humidity caused by a lack of ventilation and cut costs. Your basement will become habitable and more comfortable, just like the rest of the house, where the AC system works efficiently. You should have a licensed AC repair company install the unit to avoid installation problems.

The Attic Room

Like the basement, the attic is another room where mini-splits come in to save your day. It is dusty, with adverse temperatures throughout various seasons, and underserved by the central AC unit. HVAC professionals recommend that if you have a room in use in the attic, install the mini-split unit to ensure the longevity of your system.

Four-Season Room or Sunroom

It comes without a doubt that sunrooms make a remarkable addition to your home, mainly because it lets you amplify the amount of light that naturally gets into your house. Although, the temperature in the sunroom can change more dramatically than in other areas of your home, feeling more like a greenhouse during the hot season and rather chilly during the cold season.

Ductless mini-splits are handy as they provide an efficient heating and cooling system without requiring extensive ductwork installation. If you have these additional rooms, air conditioner installation pros recommend installing economical mini-splits. Since the rooms are mainly windows, you should also consider hiring an AC repair company for the installation.

The Whole House

It might seem luxurious, but having mini-splits installed by a professional in the whole house is more economical, efficient, and comfortable. Ductwork installation and maintenance could be friendlier, and you cannot compare them with the efficiency mini-splits bring.

We Can Help With AC Installation

Mini-split units will make your home efficient and comfortable without a doubt. But the most important thing is to ensure they are installed correctly and in the right place. Do you need one installed at your home? Contact us at Pitzer’s One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Mohave County for reliable AC installation services.

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Tips From an AC Repair Professional On How To Set Up Your Air Conditioner Before Going For A Vacation

Tips From an AC Repair Professional On How To Set Up Your Air Conditioner Before Going For A Vacation

Have you been out of your home for some time without taking the necessary precautions for your AC system, and when you got back, the house was very steamy or cold? Then you understand why pre-vacation air conditioner inspection and servicing by a reliable AC repair company is critical. It ensures that your unit can handle any fluctuations in temperature and humidity while you are away. The last thing you need is to come back to a stuffy and moldy home. This article will walk you through the steps you and your professional should take to ensure it never happens.

Change Air Filters

Over time air filters trap so much dirt, debris, pet hair, and other particles as they deliver fresh air into your home. Changing them as required ensures that clean air is circulating in your home and that the AC system works efficiently when you return. When the air filters are dirty, the AC unit is prone to damage as it works harder to pull air through the dirty filters, which is also disadvantageous to your pockets as your energy bills go higher. In addition, you will likely face health problems, respiratory illnesses, and allergies returning to a dusty home when the filter is not working correctly.

Set Up Your Thermostat

It might seem evident that switching off the AC system while you’re away is the most efficient way for your system and is more economical. However, this is not true since it will cause the AC unit to consume vast amounts of electricity when you return from your trip. It is infamous that your unit will work at optimal when you let it run frequently and maintain the temperature. If you leave your AC system turned off, the temperatures in your house will either get extremely cold in the cold season or the heat will be too much in the hot season. Switching the system back on will cause it to draw too much energy to regulate the temperatures to the normal state. AC repair professionals recommend increasing or decreasing your room’s temperature by a few degrees more than usual, depending on the season, or setting the thermostat in automatic mode to maintain energy efficiency. The professional can also install a smart thermostat that is more dependable and can be remotely controlled from where you are enjoying your vacation.

Cleaning Dirty Channels and Airways

AC efficiency is a top priority even for the manufacturer of your AC accessories, and so should you. Dirt reduces and destroys the efficiency of any machine, and more so for the AC unit. Dirty channels and airways are inefficient and costly as they increase the load. Your electric bill will skyrocket, especially if you are away for manual troubleshooting.

Before you go out for vacation, clean the surrounding area near your home to clear any leaves, dirt, or twigs that could block your ventilation system. It is expensive to return from your trip and find your AC system clogged with dirt and debris. Since your AC unit is also an essential part of your house, ensure it is safe while you’re away and avoid unnecessary high-energy bills upon your return. 

Protection Against Surge

You do not want all the stress you released while on vacation to reappear when you return home and find that your appliances blew up because of a power surge. Therefore, it is always good to be prepared, as accidents can be expensive. It is good to take caution against such adverse conditions by installing surge protectors. These are cheaper than the cost that damage to the appliance could cause. Professional AC repair personnel can easily install a surge protector at a limited cost, so your device can be safe when lightning strikes or a power outage occurs. Surge protection will act as your line of defense, and in case of a power surge, your AC system is well protected with minimal cost compared to buying a new system in case it blows up.

Closing The Windows

You might think this is unimportant and wonder what the windows have to do with the AC system. Even when you deem it essential, there is always the possibility that you will need to remember to close your windows as you prepare to leave for the trip. Closing your windows prevent air from the outside from coming in and vice versa. Temperature fluctuation caused by air movement in and out keeps the AC system working at full speed, and closing windows ensures that most of the regulated air does not range by much. In addition, locked windows protect your house and keep it from intrusion where damage could occur, causing more expenses and wasting more energy. Leaving windows open for a long time may also cause the AC unit to become faulty prematurely since warm air from the outside increases the stress on the system. 

Check for Maintenance

Whether taking a vacation or using your AC as usual, regular system maintenance is highly recommended. However, when leaving for a holiday, ensure that your AC unit’s maintenance is not due to prevent failure before you return. Ensure the system works well, change faulty parts before they damage other components, and perform preventive maintenance. Problems are likely to develop in your absence, and since there is no telling what could go wrong, get a professional to maintain your system before you leave. Schedule your AC unit’s maintenance with your reliable AC repair company before you leave for a vacation to ensure your unit will work efficiently. 

Maintenance Is Key, Whether Leaving For A Vacation Or Not

As you plan your vacation, ensure you have done your due diligence, your AC is working correctly, and it is well-prepared for anything unexpected. Contact us at Pitzer’s One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Mohave County to schedule an air conditioner inspection and pre-vacation maintenance appointment.

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