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Reasons Behind Portable AC Compressor Failure: Insights From An AC Repair Company | Mohave Valley, AZ

Since an air conditioner cannot function without a compressor, it is crucial to ensure its optimal efficiency for guaranteed comfort during hot scorching days. If you have ever experienced a heat wave, you understand why having a failed compressor in your home can be a big issue that requires emergency services with immediate effect.

A malfunctioned compressing unit makes the portable AC provide inadequate cool air that cannot meet your cooling needs. It fails to pump the refrigerant through the air conditioning unit, making the system struggle to cool your home, heightening utility bills.

Understanding the reasons behind compressor failure helps HVAC specialists from a reputable AC repair company to prevent it from suddenly breaking down at the worst time possible when the heat is unbearable. Below are some causes of compressor failure in a portable air conditioning system.

Filthy Coils

One of the primary reasons behind compressor failure in portable air conditioners is dirty air coils. An AC has condenser coils that help change the gaseous state of the refrigerant into a liquid form through compression that increases pressure, making the transformation possible. Evaporator coils also convert the liquid refrigerant to gas as it moves through the expansion valve with decreased pressure in the unit.

So, when the evaporator coils in the portable air conditioner have accumulated dirt, the refrigerant cannot move freely in the system, making it difficult to transfer heat within the system to help change the coolant from liquid to gas and vice versa.

You can urgently reach out to a professional from a nearby AC repair company when you see a thick layer of dirt in the evaporator coils and notice ineffective cooling capacity and frosty coils.

The HVAC expert will use their skills and advanced tools to clean the coils, allowing heat and air to move freely in the unit for peak performance. Cleaning the clogged evaporator and condenser coils during periodic AC maintenance can save you from paying hefty energy bills and from sudden failure of the compressor.

When your compressing unit breaks down, the hired AC repair company in Mohave Valley, AZ, can recommend a replacement, which is costly.

Clogged Refrigerant Lines

The compressor in your portable air conditioner can malfunction due to blocked coolant lines. The suction line that connects the evaporator coil to the compressor and the discharge line connecting the compressing unit to the condenser are prone to block.

Dirt, mold, and debris are the common causes of the clogs hence the need to contract a trustworthy AC repair company for periodic cleaning and tune-ups of the air conditioner.

One sign of clogged refrigerant lines is a musty or moldy smell in the house as the portable air conditioner circulates the mold spores in all rooms.

Standing water, water damage in wooden parts around the system, and inefficient cooling capacity of the air are other indicators of obstructed suction lines. It is wise to call an HVAC professional to identify and fix the issue in your AC once you notice the above signs.

Electric Failure

Homeowners can encounter a failed compressor due to damaged electrical components in the system. The electrical issues can stem from faulty contractors, fuses, and wires that make it impossible to transfer current to the compressor to keep it running smoothly.

Power surges, overloading circuits, and short circuits might lead to electrical failure, hence the need to call a renowned AC repair company to hire a technician with electric skills and experience to handle the issue promptly. If the compressing equipment fails due to electrical problems, the portable air conditioner cannot operate at its peak.

Once the compressor sustains the electrical mishaps for a while and suddenly dies, the hired contractor can’t repair it, hence the need to buy another one. You can avoid purchasing a new compressor by paying for routine maintenance.

The technicians from a nearby AC repair company in Mohave Valley, AZ might identify the accumulation of acid and oxidation in the system during tune-ups and act fast, preventing compressor failure.

You can tell the compressor has electrical problems if:

  • It does not turn on
  • The aircon supplies warm-conditioned air
  • The circuit-breaking device keeps tripping
  • The condenser vibrates when you switch on the air conditioner.

Low Refrigerant Levels

Since the compressor is responsible for pumping the coolant into the system, it can malfunction if the refrigerant levels are down. Reduced coolant in the portable air conditioner makes the unit overwork, leading to high energy bills.

Low coolant levels can also lead to an overheating compressor, similar to dirty coils, lack of insulation, and high voltage. It is not an issue to overlook because it should compel you to call a reliable AC repair company for emergency services as soon as you notice it is too hot.

The only way the refrigerant can become low in the system is due to a leak that results from pin holes forming in the copper tubes and lines. Formic acid makes the copper lines rust, allowing the refrigerant to escape. Other causes of refrigerant leakages are worn-out parts in the system and corrosion. It is time to call an AC repair company when you observe the following:

  • High energy bills.
  • Water leaks.
  • Unusual hissing sounds.
  • Long cooling cycles.
  • Bubbles in evaporator coils.
  • Icy coils.

Delaying to make the call will lead to the sudden death of your compressor, which is costly to replace. The pro you get from the corporation should understand the importance of refilling the refrigerant to the factory-set limit, or else you might start a new phase of issues resulting from too much refrigerant in the system.

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Keeping your portable air conditioner clean and well-maintained throughout the summer season is the best way to prevent sudden compressor failure. Skipping necessary maintenance processes will lead to numerous air conditioner problems, including the ones mentioned above.

Call Pitzer’s One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Mohave County when you need urgent compressor repairs or replacement. We are an AC repair company specializing in air quality, thermostats, ductwork, and emergency HVAC services. Our qualified and skilled contractors in Mohave Valley, AZ are always on time to address all your heating and cooling concerns for 100 percent customer satisfaction.

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