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Issues That Require A Call To An Air Conditioning Service | Golden Valley, AZ

Summers in Golden Valley, AZ can get brutally hot. Temperatures around here usually go above 90 degrees on most days. When it gets this hot, most people have to spend most of their time in air-conditioned homes and offices to escape the scorching heat. Therefore, if your HVAC system is broken, it can make life in your house extremely uncomfortable. Besides, some AC issues can put your family in grave danger and cost a significant amount of money, especially if they are not fixed promptly.

The good news is that most air conditioning issues do not develop abruptly. Therefore, if you are keen enough, you will be able to detect them in their earlier stages of development when they are still easier, more convenient, and less costly to fix.

But how exactly can you know it’s time to call an air conditioning service to your house in Golden Valley, AZ? Below is a rundown of the most common issues that can prompt you to seek the immediate attention of a professional air conditioning service.

Your AC Blowing Hot Air

Your AC is essentially supposed to draw the hot air from your house, cool it, and blow the cooled air back to the various rooms in your home. Therefore, when you move close to an air register, you should feel a cool breeze coming from your air ducts. If the air from your ducts feels hot, you could be staring at a serious air conditioning failure.

In most cases, the issue might occur if your ducts are leaking. This is because leaky ducts will lose the cool air from your AC before it can get into your rooms. To make the issue worse, they might suck in the hot air around them causing your furnace to blow warm air into your house.

Your furnace can also blow hot air into your house if the condenser coil is covered with dust, dirt, or vegetation. The condenser coil is found in your AC’s outdoor unit, and its job is to release into the atmosphere the heat absorbed from your indoor air. If it is dirty, it might fail to do its job as expected, meaning that your AC’s capacity to pump out heat from your house will diminish and eventually cause it to blow hot air into your rooms.

But whatever the cause of the issue might be, you will need to make a quick call to a reliable air conditioning service to ensure it is fixed as soon as possible.

The Evaporator is Freezing Up

The evaporator is your air conditioner’s indoor unit. When it freezes up when the weather is too hot outside, you might be tempted to believe that your air conditioner is working so well that it’s freezing up. However, the evaporator is not supposed to be freezing. While it may sound counterintuitive, the air around your evaporator coil needs to be warm for your air conditioning system to work optimally.

Therefore, if you have noticed that your evaporator is freezing up, your air conditioning system may not be working correctly. In most cases, this happens when the airflow through your air conditioning system is restricted. For instance, if you haven’t sought routine air conditioning service for a while, a clogged air filter or blocked air registers might limit the flow of air. Unfortunately, this means that the cooled air will hang around the evaporator coil instead of getting blown to where it is needed. Eventually, this will cause the condensation around the unit to freeze up. If the issue is not addressed on time, the refrigerant in the evaporator coil might also freeze up and put the compressor at risk of getting damaged.

Therefore, if you notice that your evaporator is freezing up in summer, you need to act quickly. We advise you immediately to switch off your air conditioner and call an emergency air conditioning service.

Water Leaking from Your AC

In addition to cooling your home, your air conditioning system has a mechanism that enables it to remove excess humidity from your indoor air to further improve your home’s comfort. As the air gets cooled, the water vapor in it condenses. The condensate is collected by the condensate drain pan and drained out through the condensate drain line.

Unfortunately, just like your plumbing system’s drains, the condensate drain line can get clogged. A clog would cause the condensation to back up and fill up the drain pan. If the issue is not resolved on time, the drain pan will overflow. Unfortunately, this water might end up damaging some components of your air conditioning system, especially if it is not fixed promptly.

Therefore, if you have noticed a pool of water collecting around your air conditioner, you should quickly seek the attention of a professional air conditioning service to get the issue resolved before it can cause more serious problems.

Your AC Doesn’t Seem to Stop

Of course, you can expect your air conditioning system to run for extended hours, especially when the weather is extremely hot. However, this does not mean that the system should be running constantly. Indeed, your air conditioner should stop running as soon as your preset ambient temperature has been achieved. If this does not happen, you could be facing an issue that might need the attention of a professional air conditioning service provider.

In most cases, an air conditioner running constantly points to a broken thermostat or malfunctioning sensors. Failure to get the issue fixed on time will lead to higher energy bills and an increased rate of equipment wear and tear. Whatever the cause of the issue might be, you can trust a professional AC repair service provider to help you with proper diagnosis and repairs.

If you are looking for a dependable air conditioning service in Golden Valley, AZ, Pitzer’s One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Mohave County is an excellent choice. Call us today for the best air conditioning services near you.

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