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Is The Furnace Pressure Switch Not Closing? Why You Should Call An AC Repair Company | Bullhead City, AZ

A furnace is a critical appliance for your home. Its usefulness manifests whenever the cool season kicks in. They ensure that your home is properly heated and comfortable during winter. However, a furnace is a combination of many parts, and all of them must be properly functioning to heat your home effectively. If one is faulty, you might start experiencing issues like uneven heating and high electricity bills. Hence, routine HVAC maintenance by a professional AC repair technician is necessary. A pressure switch is one of these components of a furnace that plays a critical role in properly functioning AC unit and ensures that your furnace is automatically safe. When the pressure switch senses a negative pressure from the inducer motor, it shuts off the furnace. This is critical in automatically preventing dangerous back drafting.

Besides preventing gas leaks, the pressure switch in your furnace prevents it from cycling if a mechanical malfunction occurs. Put your furnace’s pressure switch, allow it to complete the circuit, and then take the next step in starting. Unfortunately, the sequence described above doesn’t always go the way it should. The pressure switch might sometimes fail to sense the pressure, failing to close. Hence, the next step in the sequence is hampered. The effect of the furnace pressure switch failing to close/ go back to the closed position could have far-reaching consequences. But why would the furnace pressure switch be stuck open or fail to close? What should you do about it? Should you DIY or call a professional AC repair company in Bullhead City, AZ? All these questions are answered below.

What Can Happen If the Pressure Switch of Your Furnace Doesn’t Close?

If the pressure switch does not close, or sense changes in pressure, or the pressure is not relayed properly, then the pressure switch remains in an open position. Hence, venting doesn’t happen. Whenever this happens, there is a high risk of the combustion gases not being expelled outside and remaining in the furnace system. These gases might even be distributed throughout your entire home. Because of the harm these gases like carbon monoxide may cause, neglecting or ignoring issues such as a furnace pressure switch that won’t close isn’t advisable. Rather, you should call an AC repair company for further inspection and repair.

What Should You Look For If the Furnace Pressure Switch Won’t Close

Several reasons could be why the furnace pressure switch doesn’t close or fails. Unfortunately, this, in most cases, will affect the entire system, preventing it from becoming fired up. For this reason, you must know the reasons behind this particular problem. This will help you stay without calling an AC repair company. Below are some of the reasons why your furnace pressure switch might be faulty or not closing:

Blockage in the Venting

If the chimney or flue pipe has any obstruction, the free flow of the combustion gases is inhibited. The more the combustion gases remain in your furnace, the lower the pressure that will move to the unit’s pressure switch. Hence, the furnace system will stay open. Dirt buildup is the most common cause of obstruction in your pressure switch. Additionally, ice might freeze in the vent pipe, obstructing its proper functioning.

Check the flue pipe to see whether your furnace’s venting is clogged. The flue pipe for a traditional furnace will reach the roof, but the flue pipe for the condensing furnace is the white Polyvinyl chloride pipe on the sides of your home. Debris and grime from the pipe’s end are obvious signs of a clogged flue pipe. If it’s there, remove it, and the furnace pressure switch should shut off. But if that doesn’t resolve the issue, consider contacting an AC repair company to conduct a more thorough analysis.

Damaged or Improperly Connected Pressure Switch Hose

If the furnace flue pipe is clear, the unit’s diaphragm is properly functioning, and the port is clear and clean, then the reason behind a pressure switch that won’t close could be a damaged hose. Any cracks or holes in your hose, regardless of how small, might make the furnace pressure switch remain unclosed. Hence, have an AC repair company in Bullhead City, AZ send a technician to fix an extra tubing.

Coated and Stiffened Furnace Pressure Switch Diaphragm

Most frequently, a tightened diaphragm causes the switch to fail to close. This might also result in the diaphragm being stuck or rupturing, which would make the furnace produce a flapping noise. It can often be difficult to determine how much work is necessary to correct a tight diaphragm. Sometimes, simply tapping the case will release it. However, this might not always be successful.

Furthermore, there is a considerable likelihood that the diaphragm will become caught once more. It’s preferable to replace the furnace pressure switch whenever this manifests itself to prevent future surprises. Hence, enlist an AC repair company to inspect the furnace whenever the pressure switch doesn’t close.

Old Pressure Switch

An old pressure switch is more likely to be faulty. They might have an inaccurate reading and might prevent the furnace cycle from optimal operation. Although you might be able to determine the malfunctioning or aged parts on your own, you will need to call a professional heating and AC repair company to repair a replacement.

Tear, Wear, and Other Damages to Furnace Pressure Switch

The furnace pressure switch might also not run optimally or as expected because of wear and tear. As it is the main part of the furnace’s operation, it will further strain and malfunction. Hence, you might have to call a professional AC repair company to fix it repeatedly.

Have you noted that your Bullhead City, AZ home’s furnace pressure switch isn’t closing? Contact us at Pitzer’s One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Mohave County, your reliable heating and AC repair company.

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