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AC Repair: Dangers Of A Faulty Expansion Valve In Your AC System | Kingman, AZ

The expansion valve is a critical part of the air conditioning process that syncs with the compressor, condenser, and evaporator to make your home temperature-related comfortable during hot days.

There are multiple expansion devices for ACs, including automatic valves, thermal expansion, manual, and low and high-pressure float valves as well as capillary tubes. They are responsible for controlling the liquid refrigerant that enters the evaporator to cover the coils.

However, the expansion valves are also prone to fail like other parts of the air conditioner, leading to numerous other AC issues. It is wise to know the following dangers of faulty expansion devices in air conditioning units that can demand prompt AC repair services.

Compressor Operates Nonstop

The compressor in air conditioning equipment compresses the refrigerant in vapor form into a liquid. It increases the pressure in the system to turn the gaseous coolant into the hot gas that later cools and turns into a liquid that the compressor transfers to the evaporator through the expansion valve, also known as a restrictor.

When it completes the cycle, the compressor turns off and turns on when starting another one. But, when the expansion device cannot completely shut off, the liquid refrigerant constantly flows to the compressor, making it work continuously without shutting off. The compressor will work nonstop, leading to higher energy bills.

Your cooling system might also wear and tear faster, leading to numerous repairs and replacements that are costly in the long run. Its cooling capacity decreases, making your home uncomfortable. Therefore, once you notice your compressor operates continuously, do not hesitate to call an HVAC company in Kingman, AZ for AC repair services.

Poor AC Performance

A faulty expansion device also increases the danger of increased discomfort because your air conditioner will perform poorly in cooling your home. Almost 90 percent of people nationally invest massively in cooling units, including ACs and central heat pumps, for utmost comfort during the scorching hot season. However, achieving high comfort levels becomes a problem when your air conditioner fails to operate at its peak due to a failed expansion valve.

A damaged restrictor affects the performance of the compressing unit and makes it impossible for the evaporator to suck heat from your house. Restoring the optimal performance of your system requires AC repair services from HVAC experts that are a call away.

Frozen Coils

Homeowners can also experience issues with frozen evaporator coils when the expansion valves in their cooling system are faulty. The evaporator is responsible for sucking warmth from a household, leaving it cooled and comfortable. It works in sync with the expansion valve, allowing adequate refrigerant to flow and cover the evaporator coils for optimal efficiency.

But, when the expansion device gets damaged or malfunctions, the liquid coolant will fail to get to the evaporator coils, compromising the ability of the evaporator to remove heat from your house.

The malfunctioned valve disrupts the depressurization of the refrigerant, leading to frozen evaporator coils. It is an issue that requires immediate AC repair services that include identifying the root cause of the failed expansion valve for fast repairs or replacement.

Inconsistent Airflow

Additionally, a faulty expansion valve can lead to fluctuations in temperatures indoors. The damaged restrictor that controls the refrigerant flow in the AC can lead to low or high temperatures fluctuating from time to time, depending on the adequacy of the coolant in the evaporator. Air vents will keep producing heat or cold air that increases temperature-related discomfort.

Imagine finding your house cool when you come in from outside for it to be uncomfortably hot after some minutes, and the pattern continues. The back-and-forth shifts from hot to cold can be too annoying, making you look for AC repair services in Kingman, AZ as soon as possible.

AC Blows Warm Air

Sometimes your air conditioning system might only blow warm air instead of the intended and much-needed cold air in your space, increasing the discomfort levels.

The issue arises due to low refrigerant levels in the system. A defective expansion valve can lead to coolant leaks as it flows from the compressor to the evaporator to cool the hot coils.

When the evaporator receives less refrigerant due to the faulty restrictor, it will blow warm air into your house and fail to suck the warmth into your space.

Once you notice the problem, it is wise to call a qualified technician for prompt and exceptional AC repair services to repair the leaking expansion valve and replace the lost refrigerant to its factory-set limit.

Compressor Failure

Another danger of a malfunctioning expansion valve in an air conditioner is a complete breakdown of the compressing unit. Since the expansion device controls the amount of refrigerant flowing from the compressor to the evaporator, it is responsible for the optimal efficiency of the evaporator and compressor.

But, when it malfunctions due to a lack of regular AC repair and maintenance services, it restricts the flow of the coolant to the evaporator. When the coolant cannot get to the evaporator, the compressor will hold the liquid refrigerant that can get into the piston cylinders and crankcase oil, increasing its pressure.

The crankcase pressure increases and makes the compressor overheat and might suddenly fail without prompt repairs.

Strange Noises from Air Conditioning System

A damaged expansion valve can produce clanging, banging, or squealing noises. The valve can fail due to a clogged inlet screen, bulb location, contaminants in the valve, positioning problems, and loss of power. The excessive refrigerant in the system can also make the expansion valves malfunction.

It can generate awful sounds that force you to call for AC repair services. Failing to call for help on time makes the sounds increase and worsen, affecting your peace of mind. It is best to switch your AC off and endure the heat while waiting for a technician to fix the issue.

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