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7 Ways HOAs Affect Air Conditioning Services | Mohave Valley, AZ

Are you a resident of an area with a homeowners association (HOA) in Mohave Valley, AZ? Do you plan to upgrade your HVAC system or install a new one? If so, or you are looking to purchase a home or condo that has a homeowner’s association, there are several things that you ought to know before purchasing HVAC equipment. Homeowners associations play a critical role in regulating different aspects of home ownership, and this extends to air conditioning services. Although abiding by the HOA rules could prove challenging, you should abide by them for a cohesive living. Below are some of the HVAC services that homeowners associations could impact. However, it is worth noting that different HOAs have different rules. Hence, you should keenly read the rules of your HOA to learn more.

They May Limit Some Types of HVAC Systems

Your homeowners’ association can limit the kind of air conditioning system that you can install at your home. For instance, some associations restrict the installation of window air conditioners as they affect or impede your home’s appearance. Initially, most HOAs advocated for central heating and air conditioning systems that have air ducts tucked over the ceiling. Hence, before an air conditioning service provider installs an HVAC system at your home, go through the HOA rules about air conditioning. They will act as a good pointer into what air conditioner is limited and which you can install at your home. Some HOAs are responsible for air conditioner installation, duct cleaning services, maintenance, and HVAC repairs.

Approval of Service Providers

Other homeowners have very strict guidelines regarding approving air conditioning service providers. This is to ensure that homeowners get standardized services when it comes to HVAC repairs and maintenance. Hence, you should clarify the approved companies from your homeowner association management. Hiring unapproved service providers might attract fines and penalties from the HOA. However, the HOA might also lay down the qualifications for the HVAC service provider in Mohave Valley, AZ.

In this case, you can enlist the services of any HVAC company, provided it meets the recommendations of your homeowners’ association. This helps as you will ring one of the recommended HVAC service providers rather than go through the time-consuming process of finding one. This is especially critical if you need emergency HVAC repair services. However, you can rest assured that the service provider meets the homeowner association’s reliability, professionalism, and quality standards.

Noise Regulations

Homeowners associations might also regulate the noise levels an air conditioning system could produce. This impacts the HVAC system you can install in your condo or home. This is because different air conditioners have different noise levels when running, especially after age. Do you live in a densely populated area? You should be mindful of the noise levels when choosing an air conditioner. Fortunately, an air conditioning service provider can equip your HVAC system with noise-dampening features like mufflers (soundproofing materials). This will ensure that you are on good terms with the homeowners association. Talk to your AC repair technician about the best sound-dampening system for your heating and air conditioning system.

Restrictions on External Appearance

Homeowner associations also impose restrictions or regulate how the external air conditioning units appear. This will affect the design and type of appliance you can install. For instance, some homeowner associations could require that the heating and air conditioning systems be painted to match your condo’s or building’s exteriors. Other associations could restrict the style and size of the unit you are about to install. These restrictions may impact the design and cost of your air conditioning system and the efficiency of the HVAC system. Fortunately, you can have an air conditioning service done regularly to ensure that the HVAC system remains efficient. This includes cleaning the evaporator coils, replacing the air filters, lubricating the mechanical parts, and cleaning the air ducts.

Energy Efficiency Standards

Homeowners associations could enforce different energy efficiency standards regarding heating and air conditioning systems. This profoundly impacts the kind of appliance you can install and how much it will cost you. For instance, some homeowners associations could even require that the heating and air conditioning systems installed in their control areas have a certain energy efficiency rating. The rules might require purchasing a system with an EER of over 10 and a SEER of over 13.5.

Hence, when purchasing a system, choose one that meets these requirements. Additionally, enlist the approved, licensed air conditioning service provider in Mohave Valley, AZ to install the system. Energy efficiency impacts the bills to pay at the end of the month. An energy-efficient system means that the electricity utility bills will be lower at the end of the month. Although it will help you save money, you should pair it with a regular air conditioning service.

Maintenance Responsibility

Homeowners associations could also determine who’s responsible for the air conditioning service. For instance, some HOAs could require that homeowners be responsible for maintaining their HVAC systems. However, others could allow for the association or a third-party provider to perform maintenance. This could impact the responsibility and cost of repair and maintenance of the air conditioning system.

Service Hours Restrictions

Homeowner associations should regulate the hours in which HVAC maintenance can be done. This affects the convenience and availability of repair and maintenance services. For instance, some homeowners associations could require air conditioning service during particular day hours. An HOA could restrict maintenance services after hours or over the weekends. This can affect the convenience of how you schedule HVAC maintenance and repair services. To know the allowed times or days, read through your homeowner’s association rules.

Ensure You Understand the Rules of Your HOA

Homeowners associations have different requirements that could affect HVAC maintenance. Hence, you should read through the rules of your HOA to understand what is required of you. For more information, contact us at Pitzer’s One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Mohave County today. We will give you a free consultation and quote.

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