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Why You Should Have Your Thermostat Checked And Calibrated | Air Conditioning Service | Golden Valley, AZ

Do you feel that your HVAC thermostat isn’t reaching your set temperatures? Do you find yourself having to adjust the indoor temperatures constantly? Have you tried various thermostat troubleshooting techniques but cannot resolve the issue? Probably, you haven’t given this a thought, but an incorrect thermostat calibration can pose a big problem. A thermostat acts like the brain of your heating and air conditioning system. It regulates the indoor temperatures at your home. Hence, you must ensure that it is calibrated properly. If the thermostat isn’t adjusted when necessary, it will not be able to read the temperatures at your home correctly. Hence, your heating and air conditioning system might never reach the thermostat’s set temperatures. Hence you must ensure the thermostat is calibrated whenever the technician comes for an air conditioning service.

What is Thermostat Calibration?

In all thermostats, you will find some control elements. This is the part that senses the temperatures in your indoor space and sends a signal to the HVAC system on when to start a cycle. Proper calibration ensures that the sensor reads your home temperatures correctly. When the technician comes for an air conditioning service at your home and determines that the thermostat requires calibration, they will match the control element’s reading to that of room temperatures. Homeowners can check the thermostat calibration using a room thermometer. If the thermometer readings have a parity of more than one-degree Fahrenheit with the thermostat, then your thermostat requires a recalibration.

Importance of Thermostat Calibration

Energy Savings

If a thermostat is calibrated accurately, it ensures that the heating and air conditioning systems only run when required. This prevents unnecessary energy usage, reducing the heating or cooling utility bills. If the thermostat is calibrated properly, it will allow the HVAC system to turn off and on only when required. Hence, it will ensure a comfortable home while saving you some cash. Hence, if you notice temperature fluctuations, ensure that an air conditioning service provider checks and calibrates the thermostat correctly.

Increased Comfort

If the air conditioning service provider calibrates the thermostat correctly, the device can ensure that your home has consistent and accurate temperatures. This eliminates the temperature swings that could result in discomfort. A proper thermostat calibration is critical for large buildings or homes with considerable temperature variations from one room to another. Accurately cooled or heated indoor space means additional comfort.

Extends the Lifespan of an HVAC System

As mentioned above, a thermostat is like the brains of your HVAC system. It determines when a heating or cooling cycle should start and where it ends. Hence, it controls when the HVAC system runs and when it stops. If the thermostat isn’t correctly calibrated, it could run your HVAC system for long hours, putting more strain on its various components. Unfortunately, this reduces the lifespan of the unit. If you ensure that the thermostat is calibrated correctly during an air conditioning service visit, that could help extend the life of your HVAC equipment by reducing the amount of time it runs, which can reduce wear and tear on the system.

Enhanced IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)

As explained above, an improperly calibrated thermostat makes your HVAC system run longer than required. Unfortunately, this has a negative impact on indoor air quality. The HVAC system might not control humidity as required or efficiently circulate the air. This results in mold growth and other problems like poor ventilation. Have you noticed a musty smell recently? That is a sign of mold growth. It would be best to have an air conditioning service provider inspect the HVAC system for the cause. One of the reasons for this could be an improperly calibrated thermostat. If this is the cause, the technician will recalibrate the thermostat and use antimicrobial foggers to clean the mold.

Signs Your Thermostat is Improperly Calibrated

High Energy Bills

If the thermostat is calibrated correctly, it will ensure that the HVAC system cools or heats your home effectively, leaving it at a comfortable temperature. This happens without excessive use of energy. However, if you notice a sudden rise in energy utility bills for no apparent reason, you might want an air conditioning service provider to check your thermostat. An incorrect calibration may make your HVAC system turn off and on frequently. This wastes more energy and exposes your unit to unnecessary damage.

Fluctuating Temperature

Are the temperatures at your home fluctuating widely, even after your thermostat has been set to a particular temperature? That is a sign that the thermostat is not calibrated correctly. If certain rooms at your home are too cold or too hot, that could mean you need HVAC zoning. It also might mean that you should hire an air conditioning service provider to recalibrate the thermostat. Temperature fluctuations will make your home or office uncomfortable.

Decreased Comfort Level

The temperature in your home can have a significant impact on your comfort. For example, you have your thermostat set to 73 degrees Fahrenheit; it will kick on the cooling system if the temperature in the room gets over that. In contrast, if your thermostat is not calibrated correctly and is reading five degrees higher than it should be, it will activate the cooling system when the temperature reaches 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Hence, it would be best to recalibrate the thermostat to ensure your home is comfortable.

How Often Should a Thermostat Be Calibrated?

This depends on several things. However, you should have an air conditioning service provider check the thermostat’s calibration at least once yearly. Unless there is an issue, the thermostat might not need adjustment. Accidental bumping, power loss, and dust accumulation are some of the main reasons your thermostat might lose calibration.

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