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What Does Your Reputable AC Repair Professional Have To Say About Inverter ACs? | Bullhead City, AZ

Today, a more significant number of homeowners are switching to using inverter air conditioning systems. This is possible because the people using inverter air conditioners have positive comments about them. But what are they? Are they different from normal air conditioners? Should you hire an AC repair technician to install one at your Bullhead City, AZ home? Inverter air conditioning systems are different from normal ACs. Additionally, they have an edge in energy savings compared to other normal air conditioning units. To ensure you are better informed, below is all about inverter AC units.

What is an Inverter Air Conditioner?

Inverter ACs are highly energy-saving air conditioning systems with an inverter-driven compressor. This inverter-driven compressor can decrease or increase its rotational speed. Thus, it enables the inverter AC units to regulate their cooling capacity depending on your needs. Homeowners with inverter air conditioning claim these units can sometimes be noisy, especially on startup. However, these units provide more comfort. From buying, installing, and having an AC repair technician service the unit, every step matters.

Purchasing an Inverter AC

There are many brands of inverter air conditioners in the market today. However, they aren’t one-size-fits-all. It is recommended that before purchasing a unit, you have an AC repair technician perform a load test to determine the unit’s cooling capacity. In air conditioning, too large doesn’t always mean best. On the other hand, purchasing a too-small unit to save money could cost you more in repairs, not forgetting that it might not cool your home properly.

Installation of an Inverter AC

After purchasing a rightly sized inverter AC, you should hire an AC repair technician to install it. Unfortunately, some homeowners turn to installing the AC themselves to save money. Regrettably, a lot could go wrong with a wrong installation. Installing an inverter AC is similar to installing a normal or non-inverter air conditioner. They only differ in the wiring work between the outdoor and indoor units.

Maintenance of Inverter ACs

Like other appliances or HVAC systems, inverter air conditioners also require maintenance to continue cooling your Bullhead City, AZ home. Their coil requires cleaning, filters should be replaced, mechanical parts lubricated, and ducts cleaned. However, a difference will arise when it comes to component replacement. The inverter air conditioning units are much more expensive because of the electronic board and inverter drive. Inverter air conditioners break down more easily, particularly the electronic board. But that is expected as electronics are more fragile. Hence, although inverter ACs are extremely reliable today, they require regular inspection and maintenance from a reliable, licensed AC repair company.

The Environmental Impacts of Inverter ACs

Although not visible, the inverter air conditioners have a lower environmental impact. They are highly energy efficient compared to non-inverter ACs. This means energy consumption is lower, meaning they have a lower carbon footprint. Additionally, most of the inverter ACs are electrically powered. In some cases, air conditioners impact the environment, especially in case of a refrigerant leak. However, refrigerants are today eco-friendlier with a lower global warming potential (GWP). Hence, if you are an environmentally conscious homeowner, your reliable AC repair technician should install an inverter AC when replacing your old unit.

Differences Non-Inverter and Inverter ACs

Although the differences between inverter ACs and non-inverter ones are hardly noticeable, it exists. One of the most obvious differences between the two is cost. With its many advantages, an inverter air conditioning unit will cost more than a standard unit. Another notable difference is that an inverter AC has more features than non-inverter units. Additionally, inverter ACs are more efficient and advanced green technology in the air conditioning industry. Hence, you should talk to your technician about installing an inverter AC if you want a quality unit.

If you are hamstrung with cooling energy bills with your old units, consider replacing them with an inverter type. These units are ENERGY STAR rated, meaning they align with the EPA’s energy efficiency standards. Since an inverter AC can always adjust the compressor speed, you will never experience the problem of overcooling. Have an AC repair technician pair the inverter air conditioner with a smart or programmable thermostat for an enhanced cooling experience.

Between a Non-Inverter and Inverter AC, Which One is Better?

You can also agree that installing an inverter AC has many advantages compared to installing normal or non-inverter ACs. Inverter air conditioners have an edge in specification, energy, or performance. So, which one is better? This question is entirely dependent on how your cooling needs are met. If a non-inverter AC best meets your needs, then it is better. It is better if the inverter AC is better at cooling your home. But based on advantages, most AC repair technicians could recommend that you install an inverter AC.

When Should a Homeowner Use an Inverter AC?

Do you need cooling every day? Then it would be best if you considered installing an inverter AC. This is because the ROI on these ACs is as quick as one year. The more you use it, the better the ROI. If you are purchasing an AC for your Bullhead City, AZ home, you want a unit that is energy efficient. The last thing you need is another appliance to milk your pockets dry. When an AC repair technician installs an inverter AC, you can save a fortune as they are energy efficient. If you rarely use the air conditioner, non-inverter air conditioners are cheaper. You may also choose a non-inverter ACs for the guest room, where it will be rarely used.

Are you looking to replace your existing old AC soon? You should consider installing an inverter air conditioner. These unit’s compressor units can run at different speeds, meaning you can vary the cooling levels as you like. They also are energy saving. Contact us at Pitzer’s One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Mohave County for a professional installation.

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