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Is Your Furnace Making Loud Noises? Call AC Repair Company | Kingman, AZ

Usually, most mechanical devices make noises while in operation, and home furnaces are no exception. However, properly working furnaces should not make too much noise. When your furnace starts producing loud and unusual sounds, it could mean that something is probably wrong and requires repair or maintenance from a qualified AC repair company.

Modern furnaces are designed to function quietly, and depending on the noise produced, the problem may be small or big. Some of the noises could signify a severe issue that could cause significant damage to your furnace. Below are some reasons why your furnace could be making loud noises.

Blower Motor Failure

The furnace produces a humming and buzzing sound when there is an issue with the blower motor. The work of the blower motor in the furnace is to keep warm air circulating in your home. And for it to function correctly, it needs to be well lubricated; if not, it will begin to scrape and produce noises. Sometimes it is a sign of blower motor failure, and you may need a professional AC repair company nearby in Kingman, AZ, to check the problem.

Also, the motor in your furnace might be clogged with debris and dust, causing an amperage issue that could kill the engine. Therefore, a professional must do maintenance and change the filters often. Using your home furnace when producing a loud humming sound could result in a blown motor.

If something is stuck at the blower blades, you’ll hear a tapping sound like the playing cards, and the object could dislodge and fly into your home, causing damage.

Failure of the Transformer

Humming sounds may be a sign of transformer failure in your furnace. The transformer is not made up of moving parts and converts energy to ensure the system runs at the correct voltage.

You may hear an electrical buzzing noise whenever your furnace transformer breaks down. In this case, a professional AC repair company can replace the transformer hardware before it entirely fails, causing your furnace to malfunction.

A humming noise could come from a ratting loose transformer box, especially if your furnace were recently installed, and you could fix that quickly by tightening the mount up a little more. If the noise does not stop, you should consider consulting a professional from a reliable AC repair company.

Loose Equipment and Ductwork

After some time, the equipment in your furnace may become loose and vibrate against each other. You should tighten nuts, screws, bolts, seams, joints, and other loose equipment that could avoid damage to your furnace.

Loose joints and seams bring a problem to the ductwork by reducing efficiency in maintaining the optimum temperature in your household.

If the ductwork is easily accessible, you can tighten it using mastic sealant and foil tape, then contact an AC repair company for assistance. A technician will help prevent collapse in some areas of your ductwork and reduce energy loss that leads to high utility bills.

Failure of the Capacitor

It is normal to hear a dull hum while your home furnace is running, but if the humming gets too loud, or your furnace is not responding to the thermoregulator, it could be an electrical problem that would require it to be checked. The furnace might be just making noises but not running.

The capacitor exists to store electricity that helps boost the furnace when it begins the heating cycle. And if the motor is not functioning, a buzzing noise could be produced to indicate the failure of the capacitor.

If you are a resident of Kingman, AZ, and you are in such a situation, an AC repair company can resolve the matter by repairing or replacing the motor.

Dirty Furnace Burner or Filter

A dirty furnace burner or filter causes banging and high pitch whistling sounds, which can be scary. The sounds could mean that your furnace is clogged or air blockage due to dirt, dust, and other debris.

Homeowners in Kingman, AZ, should consider changing their furnace filters occasionally, at least every three months.

When the burner is dirty, it makes a booming sound when starting your furnace, it not only sounds terrible, but it could be a signal for a huge problem. A dirty burner delayed ignition and could cause a gas buildup in the combustion chamber.

The gas buildup could bring about an explosion, damaging the furnace. Luckily, replacing and cleaning filters is a DIY job, and you don’t need to wait for the annual preventive maintenance to have them replaced by an AC repair company.

Problem With the Ignition System

Gentle popping sounds are normal as they could be coming from the sheet metal in the ductwork as it heats and cools. The excessive pops outs that you should be worried about are those that prevent you from getting warm air. When this occurs, there is a problem with the ignition system.

The problems are due to a defective ignition valve or board, dirty burners, or damaged flame sensors. This can be dangerous, and you should shut down your heating system and have a certified AC repair company look at the issue immediately.

Call for Furnace Maintenance Services Now!

Now that you know your furnace never makes noises for no reason, it is essential to act fast and contact Pitzer’s One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Mohave County for quality and affordable services. We provide full service and inspection for all kinds of noises you may be hearing from your furnace.

You can be assured that your furnace will start working safely, and your home will be cozy and warm. Our AC repair company also offers AC installation, duct cleaning and replacement, and air quality services. Please get in contact with us today to schedule an appointment.

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