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Accessories That An AC Repair Technician Can Install In Your Home | Bullhead City, AZ

Some companies offer premium accessories along with AC repair or replacement. Although the accessories described below have a purpose, you shouldn’t at any point assume that you are at risk if you do not install all of them. Some companies might use fear tactics primarily related to your health for you to make additional purchases. They might show you a picture of what the inside of your air ducts looks like to scare you. However, if you buy one, ensure you know what they can and cannot do. This is to ensure that if they malfunction, you will be able to understand. Additionally, you should ensure that an experienced AC repair technician does the installation. Below are some accessories you can purchase and install alongside your AC unit.

Smart Thermostats

With a programmable or smart thermostat, you can easily stay comfortable at your home while saving energy. You can set up these thermostats to power the HVAC system down when you are asleep or at work.

Some smart thermostats can connect to motion sensors and cameras and learn your habits and routine over time. In others, you can also set up separate zones or areas for different temperatures, ensuring that members of your family that have different temperature preferences are comfortable at your home. Most programmable thermostats can be wirelessly controlled using a smartphone or a remote. In this manner, you can easily make any last-minute changes from any place remotely. Hence, this is an accessory worth having an AC repair technician install for your HVAC system.

Energy Recovery Ventilators

To increase their energy efficiency, new homes contain plenty of insulation. Unfortunately, the additional insulation traps other impurities like biological growth, dust, pollen, pet dander, and filth inside your Bullhead City, AZ home. To conserve energy while removing pollutants, extra moisture, and unpleasant odors, energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) function similarly to heat pumps. It conducts heat from emitted air to receiving air throughout the winter. In the summer, the process is the opposite.

Viruses, germs, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that manage to bypass the air filter in your HVAC system can be eliminated by an ERV. Hence, if you have a family member with a pre-existing respiratory condition, you should have an AC repair technician install an ERV system. Expelling stale air and filtering fresh air can lessen illnesses, allergy symptoms, lightheadedness, headaches, and other issues. Additionally, it can:

  • Keep your ductwork clean
  • Reduce the dust on your furniture and floors

UV Air Cleaners

The planet’s atmosphere typically hinders the UV air cleaners’ ultraviolet (UVC) light. It is more potent than UVA or UVB light, which burns skin and can kill microbes or prevent them from procreating by causing DNA damage. A professional can install a coil disinfection light inside the air handler of your furnace or air conditioner. A light for air purification can be installed in your ducting.

Your HVAC system will operate more effectively, and you can stop biological growth by using a UV lamp. It will prevent the spread of ailments like the flu and shield those with existing health issues from infection. Additionally, it can stop allergy or asthma symptoms brought on by pests and their feces. Ensure that an AC repair technician replaces the bulb in your UV lamp about once per annum to ensure the unit is efficiently functioning.

Filtration & Air Purification

AC repair technicians install every central air conditioning system with a particulate filter of some kind. As part of routine system maintenance, air filters that need cleaning or replacement frequently are usually involved. Most households can get by with this level of filtration, but there are circumstances where more filtration is beneficial. Air is distributed throughout your Bullhead City, AZ home by central air systems through ducts in each room, and it is then circulated via air returns located inside the house.

These air returns typically contain filters that purge the air of dust and other impurities. However, this type of filtration system can only remove so much because it is only designed to allow one air filter and, therefore, one level of filtration. However, it can only catch the finest particles by over-restricting the airflow via the entire system. Replacement options for the most popular sizes of disposable filters advertise various levels of filtration.

Additional air purification and filtration systems are available for homeowners who want to enhance the air quality further. These different systems typically use their fans to force air through several layers of filters, allowing them to capture much finer particles and deliver noticeably cleaner air. The kind of different system to buy will depend on the homeowner’s specific concerns, including pet dander, outdoor allergens, dust mites, or other types of smoke.

Chemicals from cleaning supplies, off-gassing from carpets or furniture, air fresheners, pesticide sprays, and other factors can also impact indoor air quality. Although a supplement system integrated with your air conditioning system has advantages for your home, some buyers opt to buy freestanding units for specific rooms. Again, the decision you make will significantly depend on your particular circumstances. Hence, to ensure that you breathe pure air at your home, enlist the help of an AC repair technician to install air purifiers.

Air Quality Monitoring

Your AC repair technician can suggest a decent monitoring system if you are unsure whether you need to be concerned about your IAQ. These systems’ sensors identify and track the temperature, humidity, and airborne pollutants such as VOCs, carbon monoxide, and elevated particles. These irritants contribute to indoor air pollution, which your family may find difficult to breathe.

There are many air conditioning accessories that you can add to your HVAC system to boost its functionality. Do you need any of the above installed at your home? Contact us at Pitzer’s One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Mohave County, your reliable AC repair company in Bullhead City, AZ.

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